Outreach Services

We provide education, prevention, and direct services to those Families who have the greatest level of need, but may be unlikely to seek out and take advantage of ACS services.  Our goal is to increase community awareness about ACS services by taking those services out into the community.

Are you having a unit/community event?  We want to be there to provide information and training about Army Community Service.  Just give us a call!

Our Swap and Assist Shop, located behind the PX in Building 39101, provides donated clothing, shoes, kitchen items, baby items, books, and other household goods for those in the ranks of E-4 and below.  For those Families whose sponsor’s rank is E-5 and above, articles of equal value may be exchanges for goods.  The shop is managed and staffed by ACS volunteers, and is open on Thursdays 1000-1400 hours. Phone 706-791-2260.

Information, Referral and Follow-up (IR&F)

Community Information & Referral is the key source of integrated information that brings Soldiers and services together every day with ease, compassion, and quality to meet vital needs of all Soldiers, Department of Army Civilians, Retiree’s and their families. Our vision is for all people to have easy access to information and services provided in our Community. We provide general post information such as telephone numbers, building locations and social service organizations.

Information and Referral Program

*Will assess each individual’s situation and make a referral to the appropriate military or civilian agency. In addition, the staff members will follow-up in complex cases to ensure further assistance if needed.

*Will follow-up in complex cases to ensure further assistance if needed.

*Will link Soldiers and Families with available and appropriate resources at the lowest cost and without duplicate effort.

Find out what ACS does with our fact sheet.

Helpful Phone Numbers and Sites

Fort Gordon Social Work Services, 706-787-3656
United Way 211, call 2-1-1, or 706–724-5444
Military OneSource, call 800-342-9647
Army OneSource