If you are Army and coming to Fort Gordon, you should complete a DA 5434 at your losing installation’s Military Personnel Division.  They will forward that to our MPD, who will determine your unit and forward the request.

If you are Air Force and you receive orders to PCS into the 480th on Fort Gordon, you should receive an initial e-mail from the Airman and Family Readiness Center with a welcome letter from the Commander and a short newsletter.  The sponsor program managers will then assign you a temporary sponsor.  These temporary sponsors should contact you by e-mail or by phone and provide you with information you may need to relocate here.  Upon arrival to Fort Gordon, a permanent sponsor will be assigned that will help you get acquainted with the Unit, get settled into the community and assist you with becoming familiar with available base resources.  If you are not PCSing into the 480th and need additional assistance, you can contact the Airman and Family Readiness at 762-206-9502/9034.

If Navy, please call 762-206-9638.

If arriving to Company D, Marine Support Detachment, please call 762-206-2102.

If arriving to MARDET Fort Gordon, the Marine Training Detachment, please call 706-791-8880.

Army Sponsorship Video