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Resiliency Survey

1. How do you hear about on-post events? Or what is the best method to get event information to you?
2. What activities/hobbies not associated with Fort Gordon do you participate in?
3. How do you hear about off-post community events?
4. Do you participate in off-post community events?
5. What other activities would you be willing to participate in?
6. How many are in your Household?
7. What would you be doing if you were not participating in this event?
8. What is your Marital Status?
9. Do you have your own transportation?
10. What is your Military affiliation?
11. Where do you live?
12. How long is your commute from home to Fort Gordon?
13. What days/hours would you like to see events planned?
14. Do you have children who participate in activities on the installation?
15. Do you have children who participate in off-post activities?
16. What are the age of your children?
0-3 4-7 8-12 13-15 16-18
17. How many on-post events do you attend monthly?
18. What are your favorite on-post events? Why?
19. Are most of the events you attend geared toward children, adults or both?
20. If you do not participate in on-post activities, why?