Auto Skills

In addition to the services provided by ASE technicians, Gordon Car Care also offers an Auto Skills area with instructors on hand to guide you as you work on your own vehicle.

Shop Certification Class needed before using Auto Skills area. Classes are offered during business hours, Wednesday-Sunday. You will watch a 15 minute video and then you will receive a shop safety card. Present this card each time you want to rent a bay.

Clean-Up starts one hour prior to closing.

No signing-in of vehicles during the final hour of business.



Jump Start Vehicle Service
(Fees apply)


Lock-Out Service
(Fees apply)


FREE Automotive Classes


Resurface Brake Rotors or Drums (Rotor or drum removed from vehicle) $12.00 ea.
Press Ball Joints (Knuckle removed from the car) $12.00 ea.
Mount and Balance Tires (Wheels off vehicle) Up to 18″ wheels: $12 ea.
19″-24″ wheels: $16 ea.
Tire Repair (Wheel off vehicle) $21.50 ea.
Press Wheel Bearings (Knuckle removed from vehicle) $20.00 ea.
Press Ball Joints (Knuckle removed from vehicle) $20.00 ea.
Compress Springs for Strut Removal (Strut assembly removed from vehicle) $20.00 ea.
Bay with Lift $7.00 per hour
Overnight Parking Outside $1.50 per day
Overnight Parking in Bay $5.00 per day
Engine & Transmission Storage $1.50 per day
*Parking and storage are intended for vehicles, engines and transmissions that are in the process of being repaired and should not exceed a total of 30 days.


Automotive classes are available to all military, retirees, spouses, family members and DoD civilians. Dependents must be age 16 and older. Classes are on an introductory level and are intended to familiarize you with various car problems such as brake and tire inspection, AC system and other common problems. All classes begin at 10:00am. Registration is required. To register, select the class you’re interested in from the upcoming events list below and fill out the registration form.