Parent Outreach Services

Parent Outreach Services is the gateway to Child & Youth Services (CYS). Parent Outreach Services centralizes the coordination of child care services within the local community and offers several programs. Please take advantage of Parent’s Day Out and Parent’s Night Out on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Also, Outreach Services is honored to help support our Military families through providing childcare for events and special activities.

We also provide the following services for Fort Gordon CYS families:

  • CYS Referral Services
  • Assistance with Family Care Plans
  • Kids On Site (KOS)
  • Parent’s Day/Night Out (PDO/PNO)
  • Special Interest programs
  • Special Openings for unit functions
  • Parent Advisory Board
  • SKIES Unlimited – Extracurricular Classes


Children wishing to participate in any of the CYS programs must register in the central registration system. Registration is FREE for all CYS patrons. New registration appointments can be made by calling Parent Outreach Services. To make your registration process easier, please visit our Required Documents page. Appointments can be made online on Webtrac or by calling Parent and Outreach Services for existing households.

Click HERE to enroll or download needed forms to expedite the registration process.


CYS representatives will schedule program orientations at the designated facility, for every new family, during registration.

Parent Outreach Services is committed to providing you with the very best service. For more information, please call 706-791-4455 or 706-791-4722.