Me Me’s & Bo Bo’s Express Chinese

Me Me’s & Bo Bo’s Express Chinese is Fort Gordon’s only Chinese Restaurant. We offer a wide range of Chinese food for dine-in, take-out or speedy delivery on Fort Gordon. Don’t see what you want on the menu? Just ask and we’ll make any dish upon request!

Located near Wells Fargo and the US Post Office.


Buffet (no beverage) $8.00 (+ tax)
Buffet (w/beverage) $9.00 (+ tax)
Combination Platter (no beverage) $8.00 (+ tax)

Combination Platters

C1 General Tso’s Chicken * $8.00
C2 Sesame Chicken $8.00
C3 Honey Chicken * $8.00
C4 Orange Chicken * $8.00
C5 Almond Chicken $8.00
C6 Sweet & Sour Chicken $8.00
C7 Sweet & Sour Meatball $8.00
C8 Chicken w/broccoli $8.00
C9 Moo Goo Gai Pan $8.00
C10 Kung Pao Chicken * $8.00
C11 Teriyaki Chicken $8.00
C12 Teriyaki Beef $8.00
C13 Mongolian Beef * $8.00
C14 Beef w/broccoli $8.00
C15 Pepper Steak $8.00
C16 Shrimp w/lobster sauce $8.00
C17 Boneless Ribs $8.00
C18 Chicken Wings $8.00
C19 House Special Lo Mein $8.00
We can make any dish upon request!

(Drink not included with combination platter price)