Fort Gordon Disc Golf

Welcome to Fort Gordon Disc Golf. The following information is provided for recreational players and as a way to introduce new players to the game of disc golf. For competitive players who want to use the official Professional Disc Golf Association rules, please visit


Disc golf is played like traditional golf, but with flying disc instead of balls and clubs. Players throw from the designated tee area to a metal basket. One point or stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown. The goal is to complete the hole with the fewest throws. The layout, suggested route and par for each hole will be displayed on the tee sign at each tee box.


Players begin each hole by throwing the disc from within the designated tee area.


After taking the initial throw from the tee, advance toward the basket by throwing the disc along the fairway. The spot where the disc lands after each shot is called the “lie”. The next throw is made directly behind the lie. If playing in a group, the player whose disc is farthest away from the basket throws next. You have completed the hole when your disc lands and stays in the basket.


Crossing a sidewalk or landing in a parking lot or roadway is “Out of Bounds”. Should your disc land in an out of bounds area, retrieve your disc and return to where the disc crossed out of bounds, mark a new lie one meter perpendicular to the hazard. The next throw is taken from this lie, with a one stroke penalty. Any additional designated “Out of Bounds” areas will be indicated on the tee sign for each hole with red and white lines.