Rules & Regulations


Gordon Lakes and Center’s dress policy is coordinated with the post policy. All persons using the golf facilities must comply with the following dress standards for the golf course and practice area:

  1. Male participants are required to dress in good taste. Shirts must be worn at all times on and around the golf course premises. All players must wear shoes acceptable for golf play. Shoes with built-up heels or cleats are not acceptable for wear on the golf course. Other clothing apparel such as sleeveless shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, shirts designed for wear as undergarments, fishnets, sweatshirts, P.T. attire, and uniform jerseys, cut-off jeans, jogging shorts, short shorts, P.T. shorts, pants with holes, swimwear, bare feet, full or partial military uniforms are not acceptable.
  2. Female participants are required to wear golf attire in good taste. Tank tops, T-shirts, halters, bathing attire, sweat clothes, P.T. uniforms, cutoff jean shorts, short shorts, bare feet, partial or full military uniforms are not acceptable.
  3. Spikeless golf shoes are required on course.


Children under 8 years of age are to be supervised at all times. Any children under 8 years of age who have shown golfing experience may play unaccompanied provided they are considered qualified by the Golf Staff. Must be 16 years old with valid drivers license to drive golf carts. Golf carts are 2 passengers only!


Pets are not allowed on the golf course facilities, unless they are trained for a physically impaired patron.

No outside food and beverages allowed on golf courses.