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Rules of the Road

by Travis Martinez, Marketing Intern

Georgia residents with a license should know the rules of the road. Especially the basic rules to receive a license or a permit. You can get a permit in Georgia at the age of fifteen as long as you pass the vision test and the knowledge exam. You must have your permit for a year and a day before you can go for the driving test. While some parents may not know, the child seeking a driver’s license must have a minimum of forty hours of supervised driving experience. Six of those hours must be driven at night. Another fact is that the child must have the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) or Electronic Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (eADAP) certificate of completion, which has to be obtained at school. All applicants under the age of 18, not enrolled in school, must provide a high school diploma, GED, special diploma, certification of high school completion, proof of enrollment in a GED program or a postsecondary school. Once the driver’s license is received, the child cannot drive between the times of midnight and five in the morning. The child cannot have any non-immediate family in the car with them for six months after receiving their license.

Something I found most interesting are the driving rules on Fort Gordon. The rules differ significantly when comparing to the state rules. In the state of Georgia you can drive alone at the age of 16, but to drive on Fort Gordon you must be 18 years. Drivers are not able to be on the phone at all while on Fort Gordon. Bluetooth capability is acceptable. Some streets’ normal speed limits range from 10-45 MPH, but the max speed limit is 35 MPH on Fort Gordon. When passing pedestrians, to include service members and formations, they always have the right away and the speed limit is 10 MPH. Georgia requires your headlights to be on 30 minutes before sunrise and after sunset. Fort Gordon requires your headlights to be on at all times.

These are just some of the driving rules in Georgia and on Fort Gordon. Information about getting a driver’s permit and/or license in Georgia can be found on the Georgia Department of Driver Services website at www.georgiaservice.org/get-learners-permit-georgia. Information about the driving rules on Fort Gordon can be found in the Installation Motor Vehicle Traffic Code by the Department of the Army Headquarters, U.S Army Signal Center of Excellence and Fort Gordon at www.gordon.army.mil/index.php/help-gordon/420-policy-letters-and-regs.

Below are some other rules that you may not be aware of.


Car Smoke

Devices which release smoke, produce excessive odors or produce excessive noise are prohibited.


Bicyclists are required to wear a helmet at all times.

Car Lights Blinking

The display or use of any oscillating, flashing, rotating or strobe lighting, and displaying or using any siren, except on authorized emergency vehicles or as a warning device are prohibited.


Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, and scooters are prohibited in darkness.


  • Documentation showing your identity, residential address, full social security number, and U.S. citizenship or proof of lawful status in the United States
  • A Georgia DDS Certificate of School Enrollment (DS-1) must be signed and notarized from the applicant’s school.  It is only valid for 30 days


  • Applicants under age 18 are required to have parent/guardian, or authorized driver training instructor to sign the application for the driver’s license.
  • There is a $32 dollar fee. (Subject to Change)
  • Permit must be turned in on day of exam.
  • You cannot occur a major traffic violations during the time of having your permit.

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