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Stroll and Jog

This is an Outdoor Fitness Group for parents with babies and toddlers. All Terrain strollers will be provided for use by group members. Join them in front of Freedom Park Elementary across from Parent Central Services.  The official kick off is Monday, October 17, 9:30 am. For more information, please call Josh Woody at 706-421-7120 or Lorrie Chadd at 706-831-8328


    1. Yes, you can meet up with everyone starting at any time. The group meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday, every week.

  1. Hello. My wife and I have 13 month old twins (boy & girl). Does the group provide double strollers?

  2. As we approach the Georgia winter, is there an end date or will this group continue until conditions are not suitable?

    1. This group is still going. They meet in the parking lot across from Freedom Elementary on 44th St.

  3. Hi. Looks interesting. Is it still happening? Tried to go for regular meet time/place, but nobody was there. Tried to contact people on the numbers listed above and so far didn’t get any answer.

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