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I have always loved history. But reading it out of a history book or watching a documentary is, to me, dry and boring. The stories of the people, both as a whole, and more importantly, as individuals, are what make history come alive. Their trials and their triumphs, their hopes and their fears, are the true backbone of our history, culture and traditions.

I have worked for both Fort Hood and Fort Gordon. My great uncle was a veteran of World War II and was there the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. Many of my family and extended family members have served, including my brother who proudly serves today. So my interest in military history, culture and tradition has grown exponentially throughout my life.

In this vein, and in honor of the men and women who have fought or are fighting for our country, and most especially those who have died for our freedom, I have created a series of short briefs called culture.mil. These briefs encompass all branches of service, as well as the military in general and aspects of the United States that touch the military in a significant way.

From military creeds to our national anthem, they are a tribute to our military and its unique culture. They are an insight into their past. They are who they are today. And they tell us about who they will become, both as individual people and as a whole as they serve our country.

Many of the stories behind military history, culture and tradition are long and proud. Some can be found as a whole piece while others are strewn across multiple venues. In order to keep them easily read by many, they are shortened down to their basics. Those who would take a deeper interest in them can learn more at the main sources I cited to write these briefs and are available at the end of each story.

For those who enjoy military photographs, the graphic headline for culture.mil is the tread of a Korean era tank I took while at Fort Hood. It stands alongside other military vehicles at the outdoor portion of the 1st Cavalry Division Museum.

A new story will be available every other Monday and I would love to hear from you. If have a particular military history, culture or tradition brief you would like to see added to this collection, please let me know by filling out the information below.

Although these briefs are strictly about our military history and traditions, I am proud to honor all those who serve and protect. They have my thanks, now and always.


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About Jenifer Chrisman

Jenifer joined the MWR Marketing team in 2011 as graphic designer. In 2014, she went back to her roots when she joined the Fort Gordon FYI Magazine team as a writer, along with her designer duties. As of 2015, she has created a series of briefs about the history, culture and traditions of the military called Culture.Mil, as well as writing various other pieces, including her favorite ... A Thin Line Of Many Colors.

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