Geico Cheeks

Zoe’s Kitchen

2907 Washington Road, Augusta, GA 30909 | 706-667-5429









The atmosphere of the restaurant was casual, with a bright Mediterranean style and family friendly feel. There is a line where customers walk up to place their orders, making ordering efficient and quick. Customers are given a number, if they must wait while food is being prepared. Once orders are placed customers are free to take a seat and servers will being the food orders to their seats. There is a drink and condiment section in the main eating area. My entree, Spinach & Chicken Wrap with salsa dip, fruit salad and bottle of water was delicious and the dessert, chocolate cake, was to die for.  There is immense attention to detail from the servers.  I forgot to get my chocolate cake and the server brought two pieces of cake over for me to choose one. My order was correct and the customer service was outstanding. I plan on going back the Zoe’s Kitchen and thoroughly enjoyed the food.

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